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With lots of boats fishing out in the canyons the fish sure spread out but still another solid day offshore! "Osprey" returned with 3 yellowfins and 1 dolphin, "Zipper" had the same catch of 3 yellowfins and 1 dolphin, "Odinspear" caught 3 dolphin and 1 yellowfin, "Marli" returned with 3 yellowfins and 2 dolphins, "White Lightning" (pictured) came back with 4 yellowfins and 1 dolphin, "Espadon" hit the docks with 2 yellowfins and 2 dolphin, "Reel Chaos" had a mix of 2 yellowfins, 5 dolphin and 2 White Marlin releases! "Pumpin Hard" returned with 10 dolphin and 2 yellowfins, "Boss Hogg" had a mix of 7 yellowfins, 35 Sea Bass, 29 tilefish and 1 dolphin! "Fish Tricks" caught 5 dolphin and 1 yellowfin. #SaltLifeSaturdays #BookNow

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